Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mummie in Constant Hunger

Wow... I know breastfeeding can make one very hungry. But I didnt know it's that hungry or put it simply i have become more glutton! Comparable to my pregnancy days!

I just ate half an apple strudel, one cup of soy bean milk, 2 biscuits and an apple! For tea! =D


Friday, April 9, 2010

Bitter Sweet Moments

What a jiffy time has passed! 4 weeks of bitter and sweet moments~ Baby Ning Ning celebrating her full month this coming Sunday which also marks the end of my home-bound 28 days (supposedly)! But my confinement gets extended to 40days! It only means that I can get out of the house, but diet and bathing rules still gotta follow... roarRRR~
1st week was a mad rush of getting things in place at home and making space for dad and mum and of coz little princess in this cosy cot!
2nd week was busy week looking for paediatrician, sourcing for baby shower venue and catering. Not forgetting entertaining lots of visitors and daily massage session.
3rd week was busy doing bb's collage and reading up on baby care books (esp breastfeeding)! Adjusting adjusting!
4th week is a restful week and I start taking naps in between, a little TV and more me-time for myself. Hope still in time for the mummie to recuperate (as nagged by all old people!)
Watching bb Ning Ning grow day by day is indeed very fulfilling! Enjoying every bit of motherhood (minus the washing shit, coz its done by my mum!) As i was telling my friends, it seems that everyday is waiting for feeding time to take on the role of a moo moo and pumping milk! Lack of sleep at night, cannot bathe, cannot wash things, have to wear socks... Things are getting much better... and its all worth when she gives me a sheepish grin or just a cute little innocent expression!
Nonetheless, i finally got the chance to go out today!!! Went for a haircut and shopped for a pretty frock for baby Ning Ning! Also ordered Bangawan cakes for relatives and friends, bought snacks for mum and dad and herbal tea for hubby. Hee so auntie me right boo~ It has been some time since I last stepped out of house (alone) and wow, I was actually feeling a bit timid muahaha~ so good to be out for fresh air and embrace the world again!!! I want my life back!!!!
As I hopped on the train, I thought of those were the days when people actually offered me seats! And when I was so clumsy bumping into this and that, waddling like a duck! Giggle~
Wonder if I can be a good selfless mother like my mum and shower tender loving care to my dearie sweetie. Though there is still conflict between us as usual, I still give my utmost respect to my ah bu (though she is SUPER stubborn and one of a kind)~ clean, wash, cook, looking after papa, me and hubby and little sweetie pie, she takes it all in her stride and with smile. I guess, the joy of being a grandma has transcended the exhaustion.
Okie! Time to check on Ning Ning and be a feeding moo moo~ My wish now is: More milk please heee means more papaya!!! Tsk Tsk

Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Darling is out!

My dear little darling is out to see the world last friday! Labour was considered quite fast and hmm.. dramatic.. Mummie and ger ger are all well =)
Still cant believe that I am Ah bu now! Everything seems like a dream to me... still overwhelmed just like how Bear proposed to me 2 years ago!
It has been a busy but fulfilling first week as a Mummie! Very physically and mentally draining but 'its indeed one of the best moments in my life'. Tonnes of people to thank...
I thank my hubby for the unwavering support and love for the family and being such a loving husband and wonderful daddy. I have never been so dependable on him since our marriage. The priceless words of encouragement, the endurance of my temper, mood swings, bone-shattering grip and loving + tiredness + excited look of his eyes... Hand in hand, we explore parenthood together =)
I thank our little princess for being so sweet and innocent. Please stay healthy, you are heaven's gift to us, the Ang family.
I thank my mum and dad for their steadfast love and care as Mummie's parents and baby's grandparents. Cannot imagine how to cope without you both.
I thank my dearest frenz who came down hospital immediately to visit upon the news of delivery. Our lives are blessed with such sweet and great frenz. Muacks~ Words of support/smses, the snacks for mummie and daddy, maggie mee, gift basket, hand made presents, everything and everything...
I thank the nurses at Mt A for the emotional and physical support throughout the stay. Baby and Mummie are well taken care of. My utmost admiration for their dedication.
I thank my doctors for taking good care of us both. My gynae for making sure that baby and mummy is all well for the past 10 months, the paedatrician for looking after baby and the anesthetist for making the labour less painful.
I thank my relatives for their support and showering us with well wishes & lovely gifts.
Its time for a restful nite so that I have enough milk supply for baby! Yes, I will persevere! Once again, thank you peopz! =D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home bound for a week!

My daily routine for the past one week when I am home alone! Can be very relaxing (yar I know everyone is very envious), can be also very boring, depending on which way the pendulum swings. But I am counting my blessing, resting as much as I can now (advice of all mummies)!

9.30-10: wakey wakey!
10-1030: wash up and prepare healthy bf (tomato, ham & cheese & lettuce wholemeal sandwich, , milk) very standard after the sugar scare... =P
1030-12: surf net/ watch hk drama/ check email
12-1: prepare and cook lunch (either yong tao hu or porridge)
1-2: yum yum and clean up. bathe.
2-4: clean house/ pack baby stuff/ do jigsaw puzzle/ read baby magazines
4-5: nap/ watch hk drama
5-7: watch hk drama/ do jigsaw puzzle
7-8: go out dinner
8-11: watch TV/ roam around the house/ disturb the Bear/ try to sleep

So fast! One week just zoomed past like that! And I feel as if I have started the waiting game ~ Just finished packing the hospital bag yesterday (minus away the baby stuff coz baby laundry not done yet opps...) and I feel as if I am preparing for holiday lor when I arranged the items into bear's travelling bag!

Baby! Baby! =D

Just called home to chat and found out that my dear mum is all hyped up. Yar I know its their first grandchild, but there is no need to be SOOOO excited! She goes around telling people its anytime from now and she wants to come over SBW to accompany me EVERYDAY next week. I dun like (or rather i HATE) this kind of unnecessary tension and hoo haa. I knew this was coming... Shut her up that EDD is end March and gynae has not said anything either.

I wonder how many conflicts and volcano erruptions there will be in time to come. Period~

Monday, March 1, 2010

Taking things even slower....

One week of resting at home. Must keep a cheerie mind and stay positive! Yeah, its quite a bit of catching up on afternoon nap coz night sleep is getting more and more difficult lately...

Less walking and less standing... So mummie is perpetually resting/nua-ing on sofa and bed surfing net, watching show, reading bb magazine and doing puzzle!
Finally put a finishing touch to my Chip and Dale puzzle! So proud that I finished it in 3 days and its so colourful and cheerie! So appropriate for Baby's room right! Alas.. to my utter disgust, I cant remember where I placed its frame! No where to be found in the house... Its fate was so easily condemned by Master Bear due to its homeless borders and lousy quality --> back to the box!!! T_T So now its time to glorify its moment before the Bear destroy it tonight... At least it kept me entertained for the past few days... =S

The Bear promised to get me another puzzle to keep myself rooted to the chair and not disturb him for the next few weeks (at least) and we found this sweet little Disney Princess puzzle which is even more appropriate for Baby's room! =D Will embark on the project very soon!
I need to keep myself occupied and cannot be paranoid!!! As much as I (we) are eager to meet Baby, I am equally freak out by the thought of pain... (My gynae already started asking me to imagine pain everyday since a month ago...Gulp~) Mummie's threshold is very low =S Inhale, exhale... Actually there are quite alot of things on my to-do-list... Hmm, just that I need to spread out the tasks till due date!
Drama queen has embarked on a new promising show by my favourite 'laughing kor' - Cupid Stupid! So far, not badz. Yang Yi is so pretty!!

Also just waddled over to Shiyi's place to learn how to bathe bb! Getting ready before I spider fingers! The confinement lady is so nice and makes it seem so easy to take care of the newborn.. Hmm, a fruitful one hr crash course on bathing, feeding and sun-tanning. Will hold a sharing session with bear tonight! And here's a glimpse of Baby Alester's day 1 on 18th Feb:
Hoho~ when will our turn come.... Baby, are you ready to see the world??? Everyone is telling me anytime... after week 37... Hmm... Okie, I am not there yet, not ready...

Counting My Blessings : )

Another year older, another year wiser?! Simple celebrations that make life simple and happie =D Lovely friends and sweet moments
Sweet hubby's sweet treat...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RoarRRRRRRRRRR~ Happie CNY!!!!!

Wow.. it has been a speedy time since the last festive season till now.. Bye bye moo moo 2009 and welcome the roaring Tiger 2010!

CNY resolutions aside, the Ang's family has been busy... with all sorts of preparation... for school, for house, for CNY and most importantly for the baby! =)

Making our perhaps final trip to M'sia with bear's buddies (bout 3 wks ago) to stock up our baby stuff and I think we are almost done... Of coz not forgetting the lovely hand-me-overs from relatives and colleagues. Old people always say wearing old clothes easier to bring up the baby =) Cross my fingers keke

Drey also invited us over to her new nest for pineapple tarty baking session! Big effort and fulfilling results~ One tub for the MIL and half another tube for papa mama and bear =P

In the same week, my Korean frenz also flew over for a qualifying tournament and its a ' kinda yearly routine' that we will meet up for a meal! So nice to meet up with old frenz from afar... Recalling the days when I was head over heels over them in 2005 when they first came to S'pore!

Each festive season has become a little milestone for myself and one step closer to Papa and Mama ang meeting our little darling.. Now that CNY is marked, next thing to look forward to will be March holidays!

Nervous~ Gulp~ Gambate ne!!! p(^-^)q